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Shelagh Patterson & Christine Giancatarino

What does it mean to root writing as physical action and how does this radical approach redefine what it means to exist in space?”

Shelagh Patterson and Christine Giancatarino, both professors of writing, challenged visitors to House #8A to contribute to a collaborative essay on how to prepare for radical change. Using collage, the body, and written response, Patterson and Giancatarino worked with participants to generate a three dimensional statement that used the house as a literary foundation for an essay.

Shelagh Patterson is a poet, scholar, and activist who teaches first-year writing at Montclair State University. Her recent projects include writing an afterschool theatre arts curriculum for the City of Newark, and her poems have appeared in anthologies, newspapers, magazines, journals, experimental theater, bureaucratic documents, and a feature film.





Giancatarino photoChristine Giancatarino is a theater-maker who teaches first-year writing at Montclair State University. Her interests include the translation of theory into practice, the dramaturgy of the body in performance, devised performance, and how embodied experience can serve as a platform for writing. She is a certified Feldenkrais ATM teacher.