June 15, 2013 – 


Kundiman is interested in a creative enactment of tolerance and belonging for immigrant and first generation Asian American poets.  What we’d like to create is the sensation that acts of violence and racism figured through new media are absorbed through the more physicalized poems of home and belonging.
Kundiman is a nonprofit organization which offers writing retreats, a reading series, and a poetry prize, and is dedicated to providing “a safe yet rigorous space where Asian American poets can explore, through art, the unique challenges that face the new and ever changing diaspora
Sarah Gambito, Hossannah Asuncion, Cathy Che, Ching-In Chen, April Naoko Heck, Joseph O. Legaspi, R.A. Villanueva, James Autio, Nicole Terez Dutton, Vanessa Huang, Iain Haley Pollack, Zohra Saed, Metta Sama, Purvi Shah, and Javier Zamora.