Artistic Director: Alexandra Chasin

Project Director: Zina Goodall


Writing On It All is a participatory writing project open to all interested members of the public. In sessions led by artists and writers, participants are invited to write on the interior surfaces of an out-of-use house – and no two sessions are alike. Facilitators and session members take to the walls to write, attending to the dynamics of writing as well as to pressing issues of the day. Poets, street artists, activists, choreographers, domestic workers, as well as professional writers and artists lead experiments dealing with diverse topics, using all kinds of materials, including music and projection, charcoal and chalk, pencil and paint. Everything counts as writing.

Writing On It All pushes back against inherited beliefs that literature and writing are,or should be, the preserve of a special few. We do this by engaging writers working in multiple genres and media to experiment with literature as an embodied and collective practice. Writing On It All supports writers in developing public arts programming, at the same time offering a platform for building a public, site-specific creative practice.

Writing On It All has produced summer sessions in residency with the Trust for Governors Island since 2013, has worked with the Historic House Trust of New York, and presented at CalArts &NOW writing festival.