June 18

Laia Sole

“KABOOM: Writing the unspeakable/escribir lo indecible”

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Workshop and installation addressing the inadequacy of writing when it comes to transcribe strong feelings, or simply put how words fall short. Through the use of existing onomatopoeia and the creation of invented ones, Kaboom seeks at temporarily freeing people’s expressions through an installation where they can sound, write and embody the such expressions, mumblings, roarings, to name a few. Kaboom is inspired by children’s first steps in sound spelling, and shaped by the current climate of gradual polarization of society.

Nolan Park, House 11, Governor’s Island

Laia Solé is a visual artist whose work explores the social and physical dimensions of space. She intervenes in spaces by actions that communicate and/or transform the dynamics of each site, using resources that are immediate and interactive.

Her work often develop as a collective endeavor, working with other artists, professionals and local communities, seeking at creating alternate spaces, such as in the series Chromakeying where she blends her passion for the early cinema’s visual tricks and the tradition of site-specific art.

Originally from Barcelona and currently New York-based, Solé combines the art practice with teaching at different educational institutions. She has been artist in residence at LABMIS at Museu da Imagem e do Som (Sao Paulo, 2012) and she has exhibited her work in group shows at Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona, 2015), The Drawing Center (New York, 2015), Fundación Chirivella-Soriano (València, 2015), Cuchifritos Gallery (NYC, 2016), to name a few.