April 24/June 21, 2015 – 

Through language and body, artists Chloë Bass and Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li approach ideas of intimacy, secrecy, and ephemerality. This experimental workshop had two parts: one realized on April 24 at the historic house of Lewis H Latimer in Queens; and the other on June 21 at Governors Island.


Part 1 – Historic House of Lewis H Latimer 

Participants were invited to write about their experiences with migration, nationality, identity, and New York City. Students from York College, alongside local residents, will be lead through a multi-cultural writing journey. Participants will use the walls of the house interior to express their personal stories of migration, nationality, identity, and the city.

The event will interweave with LatimerNOW, a project funded by the New York Community Trust, testing ideas from the Historic House Trust of New York City’s Anarchist Guide to Historic House Museums initiative and its Contemporary Art Partnerships program. Rejecting standard practices and embracing innovative strategies to reinvigorate historic houses the project champions the site as a local resource providing education, exploration and the embrace of the multi-cultural Flushing community.

Exploring the Language of Identity – Latimer house

The Lewis H. Latimer House was the home of an African-American inventor and electrical pioneer by the same name. The Lewis H. Latimer Fund, Inc. saved the house from demolition in 1988 and today it is fully preserved in Flushing. LatimerNOW functions to invigorate the site and perpetuate Latimer’s legacy by engaging the senses, involving neighbors, and making preservation accessible.

Part 2 – Governors Island 

This workshop touch upon the history of the island as a site of American colonization and defense, and where those ideas come up positively and negatively in our own lives.

Language of Identity – Governors Island

Chloë Bass is a conceptual artist working in the co-creation of performance, situation, installation, and publication. She is a native New Yorker currently based in Brooklyn. You can learn more about her at chloebass.com.

Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li works as a director, playwright, and performance artist creating productions that address sexuality, literature, philosophy, and politics to offer unique perspectives on time, space, identity, and power-relations. Dennis endeavors to make powerful and transcendental performances designed to stimulate compelling reactions in audiences.