June 24 and 25

Anthony Rosado

“TestOURmonials of the Great Turning”

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The Testourmonials Project is a series of guided and self-led activities on the walls of #11, Nolan Park, geared to encourage discussion, organization, and mobilized actions for the sake of housing and social justice.

The Testourmonials Project provides platforms for attendants to feel empowered to offer community-led solutions; testify experiences; provide insight; share knowledge; and present information on ongoing projects that combat negative effects of gentrification and racist/classist/culturally-negligent New York City planning.

The Testourmonials Project aims to empower the hidden and inspire support for all peoples afflicted by gentrification and mobility against oppressive forces working to erase the legacy of Black & Brown communities who gardened the streets and culture of this ever-gentrifying New York City.

Nolan Park, House 11, Governor’s Island

As an AfroBoricua multidisciplinary artist and educator I am here to ensure resources for marginalized artists, platforms for community-oriented solution making, and be an example of a strong Revolutionary Queer man of Boriken and African descent for youth who need one. My projects address cultural identity, ancestral legacy, giving/receiving love, and knowing true herstory & history. I am engaging with organizers, collectives, and businesses Bushwick and other gentrified neighborhoods of NYC to bridge native & non-native residents, so we may mobilize together for the sake of progressive community-inclusive city planning and housing justice.