Shani Jamila

Shani Jamila “What are our hopes for black women and girls?”Cultural artist and human rights advocate Shani Jamila built her ...
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Rachel Ellis Neyra “Queer Indeterminacy, Black (Im)permanence, Dispossession, Survival”

June 6, 2015 - Queer indeterminacy, Black (im)permanence, Dispossession, Survival The gentle palms of commas hold together this session’s convergence ...
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Paul Ramírez Jonas “A Public Trust”

Paul Ramirez Jonas“I will set up as a Notary Public and Gold Trader. I will certify any lie into a ...
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José Joaquín García “This Is The Year

José Joaquín GarcíaIn this action packed workshop led by New York theater practitioner, José Joaquín García, participants used New York ...
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Kristiania Collective “The Art of Gentrification”

Kristiania Collective“What responsibilities do artists have to the communities in which they live and what roles can they play in ...
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Chloë Bass & Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li “Exploring the Language of Identity”

April 24/June 21, 2015 - Through language and body, artists Chloë Bass and Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li approach ideas of intimacy, ...
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Alexandra Chasin & Olga Rodríguez-Ulloa “A Neo-Formal Happening”

March 26, 2015 - This collaborative experimental session of Writing On It All took place at the conference &Now. In ...
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