June 7, 2014 – 

Language is embedded in our bodies, circulating & skeletal; at the same time, language(s) enter us from the outside constantly. How does cross-language work help us to hear differently in our own language? Where is listening a form of speech? How is writing a tool for opening up new and revolutionary approaches to language, and hence to thought, imagination, action, and justice?

How to Listen with Our Tongues

Antena is a language justice collaborative founded in 2010 by Jen Hofer and John Pluecker, both of whom are writers, artists, literary translators, bookmakers and activist interpreters. In 2014, Antena Los Ángeles was founded as the first local branch of Antena, with the participation of Miguel Morales Cruz and Ana Paula Noguez Mercado. Antena Los Ángeles  is specifically focused on building multilingual spaces locally in Southern California.